About Me

Professionally, I’m a lucky guy.  Ever since 1989 when I graduated from UC Berkeley I have been here at UT in Austin, Texas, working in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, splitting my time between Spanish and Portuguese language and linguistics.  During the same period I have also been in the McCombs School of business, working in the area of Business Language and Culture, where I also serve as the Associate Director of Business Language Education for the UT CGB (Center for Global Business).

Professionally, you will see a link to 5 books that I have published, most dealing with some aspect of intercultural communication. For me, this is where my background in linguistics takes a practical turn, an area where academic training makes an important contribution that helps all of us to deal more effectively with people.  You will also see a link to my online materials, designed for the teaching of foreign languages. We live in an exciting time when our ability to learn foreign languages enjoy new media-rich options.  I love to experiment with new ways to learn languages and communicate with people.

Personally, I am in the “empty-nester” phase of life, enjoying time with my wife of nearly 38 years, Tonia.  We have three children and two grandchildren.  Hobbies, I’ve got a bunch: learning foreign languages for fun; photography, especially nature and nighttime; music, with a special love for playing Brazilian bossa nova on my guitar. And I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with a strong testimony and belief in Christ.